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Smart Health

SmartHealth – a project that combines the "ring" of the various services and projects related to the basic idea of providing services in the field of health care and disease prevention.

My Medkit

The project «MyMedkit» is a complex pattern of interaction of the doctor, the patient, the telephone hot line and the SMS sending service.

After the acquisition of medicines the patient register the dosage regimen at the hot-line or web-application. After filling the required information, the patient begins to receive SMS or phone calls reminders about the time of medication.

Problem of the proper medication is one of the most important in modern health care. According to WHO estimates, more than half of the patients use the wrong dosage regimen.

Patients fail to comply with medication (forget or consider irrelevant the need for timely medication), confused or used the wrong dose, wrong combine medication with food.

All this greatly reduces the effectiveness of treatment, increases the level of dissatisfaction with the medical care and treatment process, often causing irreparable harm to health.

In the context of the public health system such facts significantly increase the cost of subsidized medicines. Service "MoyaAptechka" is designed to solve the complex problem of incorrect reception of medicines by promoting a culture of patients in medication questions.

In the service patients will have the opportunity to get full information of the correct reception of drugs (using the hotline or filling project web form), and the ability to receive reminders about time of medication.

The service can be used by doctors (as advice to patients who needs medicines on a strict scheme), the patient to control the personal reception and reception of relatives who need care for and control of medication (the elderly and persons with disabilities).

The service is free of charge for patients and requires full anonymity.

The service is extremely simple and clear for usage and should be available to patients with any level of computer education.

The introduction and widespread service will help to solve a number of tasks:

  • to increase the efficiency of reception of medicines
  • to increase the efficiency of public spending in the system of preferential pharmaceuticals
  • increase the level of loyalty of the patients of to the health care system/li>
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Smart Doctors

"SmartDoctors" is a unique and the only Russian specialized platform to build effective communications between patients and medical institutions.

Objectives of the project

Providing a simple, intuitive and convenient service of choice for patients who are interested in various types of medical care

Providing effective services for medical institutions to promote services and attract new customers.

"My Doctor" is a new tool for the health care field for promotion of services of medical institutions. The purposes of the project are:

  • to make a powerful mediator between medical institutions and clients;
  • to allow medical institutions to find their customers and patients to find clinic on the basis of clear parameters, proven professional medical community.
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My Checkup

Service «MyCheckup» is a system of relations between the individual and corporate users of checkup.

«MyCheckup» is the information resource for the selection of medical institutions of checkup and management tool for a schedule of personal checkup. Service proposes the creation of checkup programs and the choice of how to implement these measures.

Med Angels

Service «MedAngels» (My healthy baby) offers conduction of the program of pregnancy for pregnant women and women's clinics.