We serve the people. In a tangled, conservative medicine sphere, we create products for interaction between health care system and human. We create new opportunities which can bring the relations to a new, modern level, in the center of which will be a human.

Past, Present, Future


Established 2008.

Main areas of activity:
- Sales and after-sales service of medical equipment
- Information and communication technologies for public health.


High-tech company offers services and innovative products to the health care sphere.


We are going to make revolution in a relationship between the patient and the medical system, completely changing the approach to the selection and use of medical services.

Areas of activity

Маркетинговые услуги

Marketing services in medicine and pharmaceuticals fields

Based on our portfolio of online and offline services in the health care sphere aimed at B2B and B2B sectors, our company creates a unique marketing product in pharmaceutical and healthcare market in Russia.

Our marketing products in pharmaceuticals fields will help you:

  1. To estimate the sales volume of the particular drug or medical device or a portfolio of drugs within the target customer group or geographic location.
  2. To identify the factors that define the sales effectiveness at different levels – patients, drugstores, doctors.

To get a detailed analysis of: 

  • Recipe yields in various analytical sections
  • Effectiveness of various methods communication with doctors
  • Preferences of physicians in different drugs
  • Preferences of physicians in different pharmaceutical companies products
  • Physician influence on patient's choice of drugs for medical therapy

Our marketing products in health care field will help you:

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of company's efforts in attraction and retaining of the customers
  • To get information for decision concerned specific geographic location or specific target groups
  • To understand the current competitive environment situation
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of companies programs

We know how and where to obtain information which will be necessary for the successful development of your business. We can offer the marketing product that you really need.

Information and communication technologies

Information and telecommunication technologies in health care

Informatization of the health care management system

The Regional Health Care Management Information System (RISUZ) Smart.Zdrav, developed by the company SmartHealth ™, allows at the level of subject of federation to get :

  • high availability,
  • guaranteed storage,
  • safety,
  • reliability and consistency of aggregated data
  • reduction the terms of report formation
  • and helps to build connection of dissimilar applications, used in state medical institutions.

Library of the standards

Standardization of medical activities is the most important part of health care system. Strict adherence to medical activities standards allows providing stably-high quality level of rendering of medical aid.

However, despite this, it should be noted that the information accessibility, the information fullness and actuality are still the distressed points of health care systems informatization in the Russian Federation.

SmartHealth ™ offers the access to all documents: standards, legislative acts which can be necessary for physicians. This is a convenient, affordable and a simple tool that will allow to find the necessary document in few minutes.

Sales and maintenance of medical equipment

Sales and maintenance of medical equipment

The company’s mission is also in searching at the international markets the latest innovations in health care technology.

Implementation of these innovations in the Russian health care system will significantly increase the quality of health care; will bring the level of medical services to international standards.

Some of these products are unique and have no analogues not only in Russia, but also the world. SmartHealth ™ is the only supplier to Russia exceptional air purification systems of the Finnish company Desinfinator OY, which use proprietary mechanisms based on nanotechnology. The use of different technologies in one device can achieve phenomenal options of clean air that is not possible to get at any other device in the world.

An important focus of the company is to supply at the Russian market the unique continuously health monitor system of the Finnish company Vivago. These systems are an indispensable tool for normal life of patients with health problems and the elderly.

Distance education

The system of distance education and retraining of medical personnel

Distance education

Continuous education, improvement of skills of medical specialists is one of the conditions that the Russian health system will be effective and will comply with the world standards.

At the same time, it is no secret that the number of professional medical higher educational institutions in Russia is not so great.

They are mainly located in major Federal centers. Territorial remoteness is a constraining factor for thousands of doctors who carry out their practice in small regional towns.

The distance education system, developed by the SmartHealth and leading Russian medical Universities allows to improve the qualification of medical specialists, residing in any point of Russia.

The only condition for the beginning of training is the availability of access to the Internet. The visit of the students to University will be only required to pass the exam and receive diplomas.

English for doctors

The English language is becoming more and more necessary for the Russian medical specialists. Exchange of information with foreign counterparts, study of news from the last conferences, acquaintance with the latest scientific findings highly increase the importance of the English language.

At the same time, medical subject in the English language has its bright peculiarity.

Studying materials on medicine, requires special knowledge and skills, both from readers themselves, and from the translation.

SmartHealth ™ company provides services in the field of specialized translation of medical topics

In addition the company regularly conducts intensive training of health professionals in practicing English.